Happy Happy Turtle Dance!!! The Cycle of Life sea turtle hatchlings are being born! All flippers and heads accounted for!!! Included in the photo are a pipped hatchling ( a baby sea turtle coming out of the egg) a Loggerhead, the Green hatchling which are more grey and black and white when born. The Olive Ridley and then the Australian Flatback. (not totally cleaned up yet) I am now a glass Sea Turtle MAMMA!!!

More donations are needed so that we can finish this conservation sea turtle sculpture project. The hatchlings shown will be on the sculpture but I am taking orders for the Loggerhead, the Green and the Hawksbill (not shown) hatchlings. Each is individually made and there will be slight variations in color as the glass flows into the plaster mold. Each is $525 Cycle of Life Price. To order please go to the donate button on this website: www.kathleensheard.com. Hit the button to make your donation and specify which hatchling you would like. As these wee little turtles are more complex in making then I initially thought, there will be a price increase after the COL project is completed. Each will sit in a small wood base that is being designed at this time.

Between travel the next couple months and a private workshop I am teaching delivery could be up to three months out. I have to finish the sculpture pieces and have some previous orders to fill before I can start on the next round. THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION FOR BECOMING PART OF THE CYCLE OF LIFE: SEA TURTLE GLASS SCULPTURE – ENVIRONMENTAL ART EDUCATION PROJECT!!!