The Process

The kiln formed glass process used in these works is done in reverse of the traditional method of fused glass. Starting with a clear glass base, various sizes of frit and stringer are layered in an upside down sequence to create initial details in a piece. Each component piece is then fused together, cleaned, and fired additionally with 1 to 3 more layers to add dimension.

In more complex pieces this process is taken a step further. Single or multiple panel sections create one image. The individual pieces can be fired up to 7 or 8 times each, adding additional frit and/or stringer in each layer to create depth. The pre fused animal and landscape elements are then laid down on a new clear glass base and additional frit is layered in to create the remaining background. The final firing is face down on the kiln shelf. After this firing the edges of the sections can be beveled or the clear glass border left on. The finished panel(s )are assembled on a wood backboard and/or framed to finish the composition.

Cast glass sculpture is my goal. Large cast glass sea turtles/environments. To make art educational statements on the conservation of wildlife. As I delve more into cast glass, and develop the style and methods that work for me – I will include more on that process. From sea turtle hatchlings to a life size rhino will be an interesting process indeed!