Truly Wild Plates

Truly Wild Plates are 8″x 8″ kiln formed glass dishes that are functional, artistic plates, and a bit on the wild side. Each plate is individually made and, although a track or silhouette design motif may be repeated, each one is unique. Select from African, Northwest or Marine wildlife.For display or presentation of your favorite appetizers, sushi, desserts, or even to show off your favorite keepsakes—their uses are unlimited. The plates are dated and signed by the artist. Plates are 8″x 8″x 1″. Each plate comes in a gift box 10″x 10″x 3″.

The plates can be ordered in sets, and/or with matching coasters. As each piece is individually made slight design and color variations can occur. Pending inventory allow for up to 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Individual plates are fired in the kiln in three different stages.

Each Plate retails for $260.00
Shipping and Insurance is $23.00 for a single plate in gift box.
Please contact Kathleen via the website for quote for shipping of multiples.


Cougar Track

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Mule Deer Plate

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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African – Giraffe and Zebra

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Giraffe Set – plate and coasters

Plate: $260.00 Coasters: $70.00
Set Price: $330.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Autumn – Cougar and Moose

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Blues – Grey Wolf and Tlingit Black Bear

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Grizz – Nature and Montana

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Grizz Montana Discontinued


Winter – Eagle, Trumpeter Swan and Bobcat

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Trumpeter Swan with Gift Box

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Trumpeter Swan with 3 or 4 or 5 track

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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Sea Turtle Silhouette – Coral

Price: $260.00 + $23.00 Shipping
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