Earth and Ocean Arts Festival

  Cannon Beach’s first conservation festival. I am featured artist at Icefire Glassworks, one of 12 galleries that will be participating. My glass blowing team will be blowing my Spiritual Reliquary vessels and my Wildlife Rondelles out in the hot glass studio, during the three day event. Other events in evening. Click here to see […]


TODAY….AT 12:30PM MONTANA TIME….my statement paragraphs about my involvement with sea turtle conservation and my sea turtle artwork went public on the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WOMEN OF IMPACT Facebook site. This is a closed group of 45,000 plus, so I cannot send all of you to see it there….BUT OH WHAT A FEELING!!!! It is my […]

“Turtle Lady” 100% donation for Cycle of Life

Barbara Liss, a sculptor, and owner of Montana Bliss Artworks, in Hamilton, Montana, has donated “Turtle Lady” to help finish funding my Cycle of Life sculpture. Barbara used a photo of me to create the work and incorporated one of my cast glass hatchlings into her concrete friend sculpture. 100% of this sale will be […]

A week in the studio ….more then one week

A week laid out in the studio….it will take longer then this week….but one can only do pom pom crab legs for so long and then one has to switch to another project! And speaking of complex – Mr. Octopus is now drawn out on glass to begin. Then Miss Pom Pom to be followed […]

Charleen Romine’s Cast Glass Horse Head

Charleen did a clay model of a horse head last August when she was here for a workshop.  When she was in studio last month, we cast a wax from a silicon mold pulled from the clay and then made the plaster mold.   I assembled the glass colors she chose in glass billet and fired […]