Spiritual Reliquaries

Spiritual reliquaries are glass vessels of living animal spirits. Kiln formed and hand blown glass techniques combine to create three dimensional vessels. The vessels are in two catagories. There are the FINE ART images of different wildlife as in my large fine art wall and disc pieces that are one of a kind. The GEO-VESSELS have different animal tracks abstractly crossing their surface and each one is slightly different and made individually but there are multiple vessels featuring the same track. These spiritual reliquaries feature kiln-formed glass by Kathleen Sheard and glass blowing by Lynn Read and Associates.

Giraffe Memorial Vessel

In December 2009, I was approached by a gentleman to do a memorial vessel that would house his wife’s ashes who had passed away unexpectedly earlier in the year. They loved Africa and had admired my giraffe pieces for several years. I was honored to create this fine art vessel. The piece was delivered to him in July 2010.

Left View

Middle View

Right View

Spiritual Reliquaries – Puffin Consultation – “It can’t be that serious”

13″ x 9″. 2007
Private collection

Spiritual Reliquaries – Raven/Raven

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Spiritual Reliquaries – Grizzly Silhouette

12″ x 11.5″
Private Collection

Spiritual Reliquaries _ Raven/Frog Vessel

13.5″ x 8″
Private collection


Spiritual Reliquaries – Salmon Run

14.5″ x 8″
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Spiritual Reliquaries – African Scene

Approx. 10 1/2″ in height. 10/11/2000.
Private Collection

Spiritual Reliquaries – Grevy Brothers Converse

Approx. 14″ x 9″x 5″
Private Collection

Spiritual Reliquaries – Cougar Track

Approx. 15 1/2″ in height.
Private Collection

Spiritual Reliquaries – Trumpeters in the Snow

Private Collection

Spiritual Reliquaries – A Final Run

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Spiritual Reliquaries – Raven/Raven #2

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Spiritual Reliquaries – Raven/Raven #4

14.25″x8″ 2007
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