With this new body of work I am making a statement – probably more then one – about what we, the human race are doing, sometimes by accident, but in most cases on purpose, to wipe out the sea turtle species, and other threatened and endangered wildlife in our life times. This body of work is called “Your Killing Me” – with sub titles for each individual sculpture to be determined when finished.

I liked my clay model for my first hollow sea turtle sculpture (a work in progress), so I re purposed the clay for this 56 pound injured solid cast glass sea turtle. Posted are a selection of the process photos.  A story will go with each sculpture. There are now eight more days in the kiln to anneal and cool the piece. I will be out of town the final day of cooling so I estimate it will be around the 20th of April when I, then you….will see what the sculpture looks like.

This sculpture is not part of the Cycle of Life Sculpture. As we finish the COL project, I have started other sculptures that have been in a waiting pattern. In parts of the world it is nesting season. It will start soon in Florida. Please show due diligence and respect to all mother sea turtles as they come in on beaches, make their nests and lay their eggs. Thank you!