On December 1, 2017, with your help I met my minimum goal for Hatchfund for the Cycle of Life project. I made payments on account to the creditors that I still owe invoice amounts too! Hatchfund extended my deadline to December 30, 2017 so I could potentially make my extended goal of $10,000. I still need that funding for my sea turtle conservation artwork and for the sea turtles. With Hatchfund you get a tax break for your donation. There is a 5% or more process fee (you choose amount %) on top of your donation and that gets a tax break too. I ask you to join my sea turtle conservation extended team. I ask you to act now and make a donation at the link below. If you would like a thank you gift for your donation please private message me and we can work out the details! PLEASE AND THANK YOU. I THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND FOR YOUR LOVE OF SEA TURTLES. May all of you have an incredible 2018!!