Onward to Charleston, SC where I attended the South Eastern Wildlife Exposition. It has been over 10 years since I did this show and I am considering applying for it next year.

At SERSTM it was my privilege to get to meet and talk with several of the South Carolina Aquarium staff and to hear their sea turtle surgeon, Dr. Shane Boylan, speak on debilitated sea turtles and the lengths he and other surgeons, sea turtle techs, other staff and volunteers go to – to save our threatened and endangered sea turtles. Amazing effort and amazing results. Not always – but over and over again in talks, I heard of teams making the difference!

Shown are just a few of the “plastic” teaching tools at South Carolina Aquarium. I did look at the sea turtle patients in their tanks and the aquarium has a wonderful aviary. I highly recommend to everyone to put this on your list when in Charleston – but particularly if you have children, grandchildren….to take them. Watching interactions was an education in and of itself.