I left for the 2018 South Eastern Regional Sea Turtle Meeting on Wednesday, February 7th. 3000 miles later I am here and in full swing with the meetings and my exhibit. Thank you to Nikki O’Neill and the use of her diamond lap wheel to finish my hatchlings! Thanks to Pat Arnold and Dennis McCloud for their continued support of my sea turtle projects and to Dennis for my beautiful new light boxes! The exhibit is set up. Many many thanks to Leslie and Karen, the volunteers that helped unload the over filled truck and to Nancy Becker for coming and helping to manage the booth. Lots of workshops! Lots of connections! It is going to be a wild couple of weeks with follow up and seeing new facilities and talking to people about a permanent installation for Cycle of Life and TURTLE TURTLE AND TURTLE!!! I am blessed and extremely grateful for all these new opportunities. AND THANK YOU JANET HOCHELLA FOR THE INVITATION TO BE HERE!!! Circle connections are evident and ever present.