I have four fine art wall pieces and three Spiritual Reliquaries vessels that collectors would like me to sell for them. The term used is “Second Market”. All have had one previous owner and were bought because the collectors loved the work, but also as an investment. Due to health reasons, down sizing, or other personal reasons, I have been asked to be a broker and see if we can find new homes for this wildlife fine art glass.

This small zebra herd is looking for a new home. Equus grevyi – “Just…What is the Meaning of All This?” is 70″ x 49″ framed and estimated weight over 250 pounds…give or take. It is the only time I have used irregular lines throughout one of my large vitreous paintings and the triple frame was created by Brian Marki, in Portland, Oregon, at that time. Please go to my main page on this website – www.kathleensheard.com, and you will find Second Market Investment, where you can find more information on the Zebra and the other second market artworks that are for sale. Memory of Wolf Number Ten is not yet listed in the second market page, but can be found under Fine Art Wall Pieces.

With exception of the Great Blue Heron, (can be shipped from east coast early spring) I will personally pick up artwork at the collector’s/I have some of the artwork in my studio, and deliver it to the new owners, in the lower forty eight states. Please email me through his website if you are interested or know of someone who would want these fine vitreous artworks for their home or business. Delivery and/or shipping is not included artwork pricing.

If you know of anyone who successfully markets artwork, and might be interested in selling these pieces for myself and the collectors please let me know. Please email me through this website. Thank you!