I have been in the Sea Turtle Healing Center and Brevard Zoo. The Sea Turtle Healing Center is a private hospital/rehab facility with an exemplary staff/volunteers that work to help save endangered sea turtle species. I hope to volunteer there after my move.

In the near future they will be expanding, I quote:

“The Sea Turtle Healing Center at Brevard Zoo has made a tremendous impact on our community and it’s time to expand. Brevard Zoo’s second campus, an aquarium, begins construction in fall 2024 and will feature a state-of-the-art Sea Turtle Care Complex. This additional facility will allow the organization to support the rehabilitation and release of many more sea turtles in need.” To learn more about this transformational project, please look up the Brevard Zoo Aquarium Project on the internet. Many videos are posted about the progress on their project.

I just had one cataract surgery and the second eye will happen before the end of the month. There are other interruptions of “my planned schedule”😉

Proceeding on reef commission in between medical appointments.
Forever glass, forever sea turtles, forever conservation. Katurtleen