This clay sea turtle is a work in progress and will be a two part hollow cast glass sea turtle on completion. I work on my conservation speculation pieces mostly just on the weekends or some evenings so this is a slow growth process. This is the first clay sculpture I have done in water based clay in fifteen years, and I will be going back to oil based clay for my next project. I had the water based clay on hand, so following my conservation/reuse/re-purpose path I used it. The glass used for this cast sculpture will be clear sheet accumulated scrap for the majority of the piece.  This is a separate stand alone artwork and not directly part of the Cycle of Life sculpture, but will be a message about sea turtle conservation on its completion.

I enter the New Year working on my sea turtle art. At 19 degrees it is not quite like being on sea turtle patrol, but I will continue to make visual statements so that people are reminded to be due diligent to help save sea turtles and other marine life.