In addition to promoting our 6th conservation campaign non profit, OVAID, Orangutan Veterinary Aid, I continue to make progress  on the coral reef commission.  All the final partial ocean critters are complete, and fine tuning of detail of each critter/coral by  diamond saw or grinder is moving forward.  I am in Oregon this week for multiple glass related errands and upon my return  the puzzle pieces, will NOW start being assembled in the base plates.

One of my projects in Oregon is getting more vessels blown out at the hot glass studio, Vitreluxe.  My master gaffer, Lynn Read. The contract for my display case at Missoula Airport has been extended for another year, so a new vessel for the airport and two of my Conservation Campaign Short Squatty Pot vessels.  Also, I just sent a few pieces to Fusion Art Glass and Fine Jewelry, in Santa Rosa, FL., to actively show in this gallery again.  Here are a  few images prior to taking the parts to Lynn’s studio and images
from today, Wednesday, on what was in progress being created. More creating in the hot glass studio on Thursday.

A percentage of all conservation vessels sold will go to each individual non-profit.