As all of you know, Ecology Project International’s, Pacuare Nature Reserve, in Costa Rica, is now a part of who I am. I would be on a plane to help, as well as all the staff at EPI, in Missoula, if we could – for today we cannot. Minimal staff, and some of the research assistants, that arrived in February, are there doing the work of 80 to 100 people – students and tourists that come to help during season are not there due to the pandemic. So I ask, if you can, to help save the Leatherback sea turtle eggs, so they can grow into hatchlings and the cycle of this endangered sea turtle can continue.

The team at the reserve, are relocating all the nests to the hatchery, to try to prevent the poachers from stealing the eggs and selling them on the black market.
The poachers are bolder this season as the team is so few in number. I ask too for your prayers, positive energies, and protection angels, to protect and help, the team at Pacuare and “my” Leatherbacks.

Blessings. For the Love of Turtles, Turtle Sister.

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