I was at Vitreluxe LLC, in Portland, Oregon, with Lynn, Matt and Jes, blowing out my conservation vessels on the hot glass studio floor.
Shown in the images are the vessels.
A percentage of the sale of each one of these vessels will go to the designated non profit for the work they are doing to help specific endangered species.
Vessels for Conservation – “Didi, Waif of the Sumatran Canopy” 16” x 10.5” at widest diameter.     $6,750.00        Designated non profit – OVAID, Orangutan Veterinary Aid, www.ovaid.org.

Vessels for Conservation – “Matilda, an Education in Perseverance” 15” x 9.25” at widest diameter.     $6,475.00      Designated non profit – Texas Sealife Center, www.texassealifecenter.org.


Leatherback Silhouettes of the Atlantic Coast” 10.75” tall x 11” wide x 7” deep. $5,475.00     Designated non profit –  Sea Turtle Care & Conservation Specialists, www.careandconservation.org.

And the first showcase of the vessels in my evolving display case, at Missoula, International Airport.  December 2023.