Members of the Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture team are in full action mode to finish this environmental art education project so the sculpture can go out into the world and educate the public on sea turtle conservation!

Please join our extended team by making a donation today.
Team member Dennis McCloud was inspired to make the Turtle Shadows in Wood, a block; and the wee hatchling wood magnets to offer as a thank you gift for your donation. Five of the seven species are represented.

My new Katurtle Wildlife Notecards are recently completely and one of my recent GeoTrack – Leatherback Sea Turtle Silhouette Discs are available as thank yous. Check out my website store or anywhere on this website and all sea turtle art work will go 100 percent to finish this sculpture and support sea turtle conservation. A percent of all of my other artwork sold from my website will be used to finish this project, monies will go to sea turtle conservation and help with future sea turtle conservation sculpture projects.

The Turtle Shadows in Wood (block) has a message on the solid wall of the block about what the dangers are to sea turtles. It is 2.25″ x 2.25″. For a donation of $150 this block can be yours in cherry or maple wood.
The sea turtle magnets in a set of 5 are a suggested donation of $25. They can be cherry or maple or a mix.

My Katurtle Wildlife Note Cards – group of six are $25 – mixing white and colored paper images you can choose the six you would like. These cards are made on re purposed card stock and will have slight variations from order to order.

The GeoTrack – Leatherback Sea Turtle Silhoette Disc is $985.

For this offering shipping is included in the price. Private message or email me if you have questions or want to order. For items not listed on my website in the store or separate category, please place your order through the donate button found on this website and write the item in the description/note box.

THANK YOU THANK YOU! I thank you, my team thanks you and on behalf of sea turtle conservation we all thank YOU!