I have set up a couple new offerings as perks on Hatchfund.  I need/want to finish raising funds to clear the unpaid financial balances left on my Cycle of Life Sculpture and continue to donate 20% towards sea turtle conservation from the sales of my artwork.

To date I have only offered three species of my cast glass hatchlings.  The Loggerhead, The Green and the Hawksbill.  I am now offering three sets of all seven cast glass hatchling species for a pre cast set price of $3500 each.   They will be my interpretation of the Race for Survival for the sea turtle species.  The seven hatchlings will be positioned in a piece of driftwood and as an option one or more pieces of plastic will be incorporated into the conservation multi-medium art work.  This limited edition offering will be signed and dated.  Delivered by Christmas 2017.

The second new offering is presented here first.   To date I have had only five of the seven species of sea turtle hatchlings offered in my Frenzied Hatch Coaster Collection.  I am offering 5 sets of all seven species at pre production price of $250 each set.  The Australian Flatback and the Olive Ridley are in the research phase of silhouette and glass selections.   These will be available by Christmas 2017.  All will be signed.

Photos are of waxes ready to be set up to be cast.  The previous three cast glass species offered are still available for $525 each and can be on a finished wood block or on driftwood.  A Hawksbill hatchling atop a piece of driftwood is shown as an example. The next images are how the coasters are assembled before the first firing.  All are fired twice in one of my electric kilns.  Coasters come in natural coloration of the ocean waters, bright colors and I am trying out a new blue opal combination.

Please connect with the link below and make your donation today.  For these perks or other thank you perks listed on the Hatchfund site.  On behalf of sea turtle conservation and myself – I thank you for your HELP today!