For those of you just joining in on my Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture – Environment Art Education Project this project went active in August 2015. I rented The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass in May of 2016. With my team at Corning we made great strides in finishing the project – but a major project it is indeed so in some of our studios it has continued over this last year amidst other projects in each studio. We now close in on the finish line.
In the first photo you see a composite by team member Dennis McCloud.   This shows the base and some of the parts we have completed.
At Corning, glass artists, Carol Webb and Katie Patten, were instrumental in figuring out how, and creating the first sections of the fused and slumped oil spill sections. In February of 2017, I was in Carol Webb’s studio, in Georgia where we finished all oil spill sections. In the images you see a couple of  the steps it takes to create each section. In the final image you see two sections of healthy ocean. It is the Cycle of Life – the sea turtles do have a small window to head out to the ocean.
Wax hatchlings ready to cast. A tire tread (4wheelers do run over the top of marked sea turtle nests) and a couple more flipper berms to cast with our mixture of glass sand that matches the beach sand. Dress rehearsal assembly. The next dispatches to find a permanent installation for the sculpture so it can do what is was conceived to do at a sea turtle hospital/children’s museum/aquarium.
To educate young and old about environmental threats and costly negative human intervention to sea turtles and all marine wildlife.