While work continues on the Cycle of Life sculpture towards its completion, I had submitted this proposal for this exhibit installation a little over a year ago and installed it this last weekend. Many thanks to Stephanie Smith-Latham that initially told me of this opportunity and for Seth Roby, the board of directors and staff of the Holter Museum of Art, that accepted my proposal.

Conservation: A Way of Life – Every Season. Photos from outside to inside and back outside. The Aquarium Gallery at the Holter Museum of Art is 18’x3′. On the left side one starts with Any Town Planet Earth. Traveling down Any River Planet Earth and ending in Any Ocean Planet Earth. The lighting will be adjusted for night viewing and I hope to be back on a day with better outside light and more close up photos of individual small scenes in the exhibit. It is my hope that people passing by – stop and are curious enough to look at the many depths and scenarios that follow from our towns down the river to the ocean. The debris in this exhibit was picked up in small towns and from ocean beaches, and shown is only a sampling of what I have picked up in short time spans. In a mountain state I hope to educate how to save our threatened and endangered sea turtles. I am a mountain woman that loves the ocean and all of God’s critters on land, in the air and in all waters.


holter-museum-aquarium-gallery-conservation-banner-for-exhibit-11-21-2016conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-outside-view-a-blank-canvas-11-19-2016  holter-museum-aquarium-gallery-artist-notes-for-exhibit-space-11-21-2016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-right-end-wall-and-corner-11-20-1016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-right-end-wall-11-20-1016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-detail-right-end-of-exhibit-floor-11-20-1016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-close-up-going-down-left-wall-with-bit-of-net-11-20-2016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-detail-of-detail-towards-another-view-11-20-1016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-details-of-floor-towards-left-end-11-20-1016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-left-end-wall-longer-view-11-20-1016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-left-end-wall-with-robin-rest-and-bit-of-banner-11-20-1016 conservation-a-way-of-life-every-season-outside-after-finish-11-20-1016