The studio was invaded by horse art work this last week. Charleen Romine, from Georgia, who has taken eight or so workshops from me over the years – in Georgia and here in Montana – was in the studio to complete three multiple layer, multiple fired panels. First group of photos is “Shine”. Second group is “Roxie” and the third grouping is Rook and Billie Holiday next to the barn wall.  The third panel was not completed this week.  “Rook” had an additional firing (plus more color studies), to work on the highlights on his forehead – and the result was not what Charleen hoped for.  She will complete this panel back in Georgia/North Carolina.  Charleen and I made a plaster mold of her other project – a horse head sculpture. She did the clay last August – I did the wax. The cast glass horse head when finished will have the inserted drift wood piece as his eye patch. I will cast the horse head for her in the next few weeks and then ship it to her.