The Cycle of Life for a sea turtle starts with Mrs. Sea Turtle coming, most probably, to the beach where she was born, twenty five to thirty years earlier, and releasing her eggs into a hole that she has dug with her flippers in the sand. Bill Munoz, a professional photographer, has graciously allowed me to use his copyrighted photo, to show this moment in time, when life starts for a hatchling. Join me for my presentation for the Bitterroot Audubon Society’s November 20th program. Starting at 7PM at the Lee Metcalf Refuge Visitor Center, outside Stevensville, Montana, I will show a PowerPoint on the creating of my Cycle of Life Sculpture, bring parts that were extra from the sculpture and will display my new award winning – You’re Killing Me: Oceanic Assassins – Propeller and Plastic” conservation cast glass sea turtle. In addition I will bring sea turtle artwork for sale and gladly accept donations for conservation sea turtle educational art projects and sea turtle conservation. My Hatchfund project link is http://www.…/cycle_of_life_sea_turtle_glass_sculpture.
Any size donation is gratefully accepted and your Hatchfund donation is tax deductible! Thank YOU!