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For February, we are supporting the Australian Flatback Sea Turtle, and our chosen organization is the Care For Hedland Environmental Association. The association is a non-profit that partners with Hedland stakeholders to provide programs that protect the environment and its animals.

There is currently limited population data about the Flatback, and the Turtle Monitoring Program helps with that. The Turtle Monitoring Program has two key goals: to educate and bring awareness of the local species and encourage positive methods for human interaction with the Flatback; and to collect data concerning Flatback turtle activity at the Cemetery Beach and Pretty Pool Beach nesting sites that will be used to provide an indication of the nesting and hatchling populations at Hedland and to provide best guide management plans for the area.

Beautiful limited-edition glass pieces by Kathleen Sheard, featuring the silhouette of an Australian Flatback Sea Turtle. 1/3 of the purchase price will benefit Care For Hedland and the sea turtles they protect. We can ship anywhere.

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About the Australian Flatback Sea Turtle

Flatback sea turtles live only in the coastal waters of Australia and Papua New Guinea. The females nest exclusively on the beaches of Australia. Their name is derived from the shape of their carapace, which is lower and flatter than other sea turtles. These medium-sized sea turtles grow to about 3 feet in length and 200 pounds in weight.

Threats to this species include entanglement in fishing gear, destruction of nesting beaches due to development, overharvesting their meat and eggs, and pollution. The button below links to a short informative video about the Care For Hedland Environmental Association. Enjoy!

Kemp's Ridley Turtle
Kemp's Ridley Turtle