Dear Family, Friends, Contemporaries, and ALL THOSE THAT LOVE WILDLIFE –

In 2010 I had a life defining moment when the BP oil spill was approaching the beach where I volunteer with the Alligator Point Sea Turtle Patrol. This oil spill was going to affect 1000s of sea turtle eggs, sea turtles and all other marine and plant life in the Gulf of Mexico.  I felt an urgency to do something that could bring attention to their plight.  I did not know immediately, but very soon my path would take a radical turn and I would become an advocate for all threatened and endangered sea turtles. The seed was planted. I now pick up more plastic on beaches then sea shells. My planned “pretty” sea turtle sculptures grew into the impassioned – Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture – Environmental Art Education Project, a sculpture comprised of more than 60 kiln-formed and cast-glass art pieces.

I and a group of friends, produced a prototype sculpture in 2011 with clay models and a wooden base. In 2015, I assembled a team, and we put the sculpture into an active phase. May 2016, in The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, we made great steps towards finishing the sculpture and team member, Dennis McCloud, completed the wooden base. 2017 found me in Duluth, GA, finishing the oil spill sections and slumping Mrs. Loggerhead’s carapace with team member, Carol Webb along with assistance from Carol’s husband Paul. This spring I finished the cast-glass hatchlings and in July we assembled the complete sculpture for the first time. What a joy! A few tweaks will be needed when we install the sculpture in its permanent home, but it is physically finished. Amazing Grace!

So you ask – why is Kathleen still running this Hatchfund campaign? The expenses of this sculpture were high. It was an enormous undertaking but a successful one. Except for the finances. There continue to be accounts that need paying. I ask you to join my sea turtle conservation team – for the turtles. This is not for me nor about me. This sculpture is to educate young and old about the dangers that face sea turtles and other marine wildlife. To work on eradicating major oil spills. It is about what we can do so there is less plastic and debris in the rivers and then on the beaches and in the ocean.

Please take time to read the other postings on this blog to give you more photos and information on the history of this sculpture. There is also a Facebook project site – Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture with images of the finished sculpture and conservation postings. The sculpture needs a clean (financial) slate as it awaits its permanent home. I’m currently seeking a nonprofit sea turtle hospital, aquarium, zoo, or children’s museum where it can be installed. Where it can do the job it was created to do, educate about the daily perils that sea turtles face. Thank you for watching our new video.

Thank you for donating today.

Hatchfund requests a percentage above donated amount so that all designated donation funds go to the artist.  Please note that 5% is an option versus the 10 or 15% plus.  Any size of donations will help.  Thank YOU!